Our Customers

Here is a sampling of PerlWorks customers. In addition we have devoloped and maintained web-based intranet systems including work flow management, knowledge capture, critical industrial monitor and control systems - a list provided upon request.


Magiix patented systems uses extended RFID technology to measure diary cow body temperatures to track animal health and to predict estrus cycles. Perlworks designed embedded software to interface with the RFID readers and telemetry the data using web services to a central data center.

Mumms The Word

Cedar Mountain Supply

Cedar Mountain Supply works with prime contractors within the Department of Energy, as well as other government departments and private industry. Perlworks services all of Cedar's middle tier and custom backend software

Rolls Royce Naval Marine

Rolls-Royce Naval Marine (RRNM) is one of the largest, most experienced marine propulsion manufacturers in the United States. Perlworks delivered a suite of secure Web Applications to RRNM to facilitate documenting various ship requirement specifications and communication with several key vendors.

Sam McGees Hot Gourmet

Sam McGees is a premier gourmet internet site, which has been online for over three years.

This site includes a store back end that allows complete management of product offerings, specials, etc. In addition, Sam McGees order processing is customized to integrate with a commercial accounting package.

Farm Credit

Northwest Farm Credit Services is an agricultural cooperative that provides financing and related services to agricultural producers, farm-related business, fishermen, part-time farmers, and country home owners. They are part of the 80-year-old Farm Credit System, a $60-billion nationwide network of lending institutions the largest single provider of credit to American agriculture.

Farm Credit

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