Who We Are

Steve Troxel

Position: Senior Software Engineer and General Partner

Qualifications and Education:

1987 Master of Science Mechanical Engineering, University of Idaho

1985 Bachelor of Science Mechanical Engineering, University of Idaho

Additional Post-Graduate Courses:

Kalman Filter Design (MIT), Rocket Propulsion (UCLA), Neural Networks (UofI).

Professional Training Courses:

RedHat, Solarus, SunOS Systems Programming, RTOS real-time O/S, OpenLook Programming.

Profession Experience and Focus:

20+ Years Experience in Systems and Software Development including:

  • Perl/CGI/ModPerl/MySQL and VB script/ASP Web-based Development.
  • Industrial Web-based Data Acquisition Systems
  • Matlab Signal Processing and Navigation Systems
  • Database-to-WebSite Integration.
  • Unix Based System Administration.
  • C and FORTRAN development in a real-time industrial environments.
  • Project Management.

Prior employment history include US Navy, EG&G, Rocketdyne and University of Idaho.

Open Source Contributions:

Author and maintainer of several Perl CPAN Modules.


Family, Hiking, Biking, Guitar, and Rock Climbing.


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