What We Do
Self-Managed Websites
Perlworks specializes in developing self-managed websites and intranet applications, empowering the website owner to update and maintain critical content on their website or intranet.  This approach:
  • Keeps webpage content fresh and interesting to your targeted audience.
  • Lowers the total cost of ownership of your website by not requiring a technician to update pages.
  • Results in high quality websites since links and HTML pages are generated programmatically.
Our approach generates HTML pages that are built via a customer maintained database using a back office manager.  These static webpages are fast and are readily indexed by search engines. Be sure to visit some of our customers and demo sites for examples.

Procurement B2B Connectivity
We have a years of experience of providing middle tier services connecting US Government Energy Lab procurement departments to a variety of vendors including VWR, Fisher Scientific, Staples and Granger Industrial Supply.

Perlwork has developed specialized PunchOut procurment systems, order management and reporting and complex work flow managment systems.

Network Services
Perlworks is experienced in designing, implementing and maintaining network systems and Unix Opererating Systems including various flavors of Linux, Solaris and FreeBSD.

We also speak Apache and fully versed in setting up, configuring, securing and provisioning for a variety of special use cases.

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