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How Do I Know My Payment Information is Secure ?

Sam McGee's uses the highest level of network security available.

All modern web browsers (Netscape, Microsoft IE, WebTV, AOL, etc.)
have a strong high-quality encryption system built in.

The encryption modes, or secure mode, is activated when you request a page from a secure server. any forms you fill out with credit card information are securely encrypted from your desktop to our Web Server on the Internet. Your order is then transmitted to us using the same SSL secure encryption system.

Our security goes a step further. Only the last six digits are even stored on our server. The first digits are 'piped' straight to our mail system and never written to disk at all. Assuming we do have a security breach, a hacker would not find much on our system. If you are ever uncertain about security on our site, always look for the completed Netscape "key" or the Microsoft closed "lock" before entering any sensitive data.

If you have any questions about this process please ask me!

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